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Tucked away in Western Mass.
Noel Stookey, the Paul in Peter, Paul and Mary merges his passions - his music and his faith
  March 26, 2004
A first person account of my visit to the Nazi death camp in 1989.
  September 21, 1990
Dismantling Racism Through Music Is The Goal Of African Dance Troupe Founder Earline Robinson
  April 7, 2002
Philadelphian Naima Black Spent 20 Years in East Africa's Swahili Society
  August 26, 2001
The Recorder (Greenfield, MA)
My first professional reporting assignment was to cover a selectman's meeting in Northfield in the fall of 1986. I tape recorded the entire session. The Recorder was an afternoon paper then, so my deadline was 6 a.m. and I used every last minute. I went on to cover three towns (Northfield, Erving and Leverett) for the Recorder for two years. I also started writing features. Here's a shout out to Richie Davis, an editor who had faith in me and who taught me a lot. Thanks!
Between 1987 and 1990 I wrote several features for the self-described "Alternative Newsweekly for the Pioneer Valley." They included a retrospective on Greenfield Community College as well as interviews on topics such as deforestation in East Africa and medical conditions in Poland that I conducted while abroad. 
A New Generation Of Politics In W. Germany
Issues Facing Older Citizens To Be Focus Of Grey Party Agenda
  November 12, 1989
Northern Sun News (Minneapolis)
I was first published in this monthly organ of the Northern Sun Alliance, a group of hardy souls dedicated to shutting down nuclear power plants and to a myriad of progressive causes. I wrote regularly from 1982 to 1983. Thanks to Diane Connors, the first editor to encourage me on the road to writing.

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